Andrea Palummo
Logistics and direction

Claudia Fratangeli
Coordination and direction

Chiara De Maria
Art direction and curatorship


Chiara Pavolucci
Curatorship and tutoring

Roberto Ruoli
Communication and documentation

Valerio Serafini
Communication and research

*Open Call - grants and fundraising support:

All the best ideas are bound to stay on paper without matching resources to support them. As we’re baking more and more exciting projects, we’re looking for someone with a passion for contemporary culture and photography that can move around the world of grants and calls (or are willing to learn) and help us obtain financial resources to support our work.

Would you like to join our team?

Send us your CV and a brief motivational email at

We’re a young, informal and self-funded group. This is a volunteer position for someone with a bit of extra time that would like to grow with us - and, hopefully, become a sustainable, funded organisation.