Events and installations

Through organising events on visual arts, THP aims at becoming a place of practice-based research, sparking collaboration and contamination, to dig deep into the role of images within our society.

Yes, we’re a House, but we’re not static: we love to receive guests as much as we’re happy to step outside the gate and bring our vision outside beyond the valley. It’s part of our essence to organise events in the House as well as take part in external festivals, both securing us a constant flow of collaboration and exchange with other groups and individuals that share our same values and ambitions.


Sampierdarena Pantagruelica Fest

From the 14 to the 16th of July 2021 was invited to take part to Sampierdarena Pantagruelica Fest, organised by Mixta, a curatorial group based in Genoa.

Sampierdarena  Pantagruelica Fest’s mission is to celebrate adventure, social relationships and bodies through art. The work of artists from all over Italy was exhibited inside five vaults under the railway, each with a window on Via Buranello, while the piazza  inside the CCBur became a meeting point, where you can chat, sip lemonade, listen to a talk or to some music, and just enjoy being together.

Following the spirit with which François  Rabelais, in Gargantua e Pantagruel, celebrated life without taking it too seriously, we believe that having fun is the most important social and cultural glue. Pantagruelian is our party, exuberant, abundant, sincere, just like our ar

“TRINK! Niente di più, niente di meno”
Orecchie D’Asino - Sampierdarena Pantagruelica Festival

“Tu sei l’oracolo”
Team THP - Sampierdarena Pantagruelica Festival

Sara Vighi - Sampierdarena Pantagruelica Festival